Sydney is a soulful hiker’s paradise! But a soulful hike is best enjoyed if soulful hikers looks out for their safety and that of others. We value the safety of all of our soulful hikers. We carry first aid kits with us on all our soulful hikes for your safety. We suggest the following safety guidelines for all soulful hikers:

-Stay in good health and condition your body prior to the hike. All soulful hikers should understand the fitness requirements of their chosen soulful hike prior to booking, and by purchasing your ticket, you agree to and understand our waiver.

-Hike only when the weather is favourable. Bad weather can incite storms, flash floods, or other natural hazards—all of which pose additional dangers in the environment. Hence, if the forecast predicts a sudden shift in the weather, we postpone our soulful hike if needed.

-Stay on the cleared and marked trail at all times and follow all of its rules.

-Stay in sight of your hiking guide and fellow soulful hikers. Even if you are already familiar with a trail, do not stray more than a few steps out of your soulful hiker’s line of vision.

-Wear hike-appropriate clothing and gear. It’s a good idea to invest in light, but sturdy clothing that will protect you from harsh weather, bug bites, and injury. Pack a wide-brimmed hat that covers your neck and face area, a jacket to keep you warm and dry, trousers that can shield your legs from the trail’s surface matter, and hiking boots with good grips.

-Pack enough water and food. Stay both hydrated and energised throughout your soulful hike by packing light snacks, transportable meals, and ample water supplies with you. These will prevent you from getting exhausted on the trail. Good choices to take with you are dried fruits and nuts, sandwiches, muesli bars, bliss balls, granola, or hard-boiled eggs. And don’t forget as well to fill your water bottle to the brim.

-You are responsible for the health and safety of any minor who attends a tour in your presence.


Pull on those hiking boots, take a wander and discover the wilderness, white sands and wholesome tranquility that lies at your fingertips in Sydney’s spectacular backyard.