About Soulful Hikes

We Feed your Soul.

Our hikes are normally 2-3 hours long and we normally cover 5 to 10 kms in each hike, depending on the hike. They perfect for beginners, busy mums, professionals, singles who are trying to improve their fitness levels, or explore Sydney or want to socialize and make some great friends! Our hikes are also helpful for those going through a difficult phase in their life and looking to get outdoors to begin their healing journey.

We also offer hiking experiences where you can enjoy a hike and a hearty lunch before testing your skills in a range of activities. There is something for everyone in these experiences!

Time spent in the outdoors reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, elevates mood and can even boost your body’s immune response.

So come and join us on our beautiful soulful hikes which will leave you mentally, emotionally and physically refreshed and energized.

Brand promise

At Soulful hikes, we promise you the below:

  • We provide an experience as amazing as the scenery!
  • We handcraft every soulful hike you will have
  • We ensure the soulful hikes have the most beautiful scenery by testing them before
  • From the morning tea biscuit to the pop up picnic glamourous lunch, we ensure our food is tasty, hearty and plentiful!
  • We contribute to making a positive impact to the environment and community.
  • Our responsibility is to help you to improve your physical and mental health.
  • We enable you to find your tribe and forge beautiful friendships while on a soulful hike!
  • We want you to fall in love with hiking!
Meet Karishma

About the Founder & Creator.

Karishma is the founder and creator of Soulful Hikes and has a huge passion for getting people outdoors! She also loves travelling and is always on the lookout to research and explore new places. She believes that in today’s world, it is easy to get off balance and get stuck in the daily grind and rat race and pursue materialistic things in the pursuit to happiness. Her aim is to help the community to improve their overall quality of life by improving their mental and physical health whilst also trying to connect to each other. She strongly believes that hiking also helps anyone who is on a healing journey. Life can be challenging, and sometimes due to such challenges, whether mental, emotional, physical or spiritual, our health suffers and deteriorates. Having gone through a challenging phase herself, she started hiking regularly and saw the huge benefits it provided. This was reaffirmed when fellow hikers she took on hikes with confided in her as to how the hikes had helped them deal with a particular life situation whether it be losing a parent, losing a job in these uncertain times, having gone through a separation, kids leaving home and thus becoming empty nesters, or having recently retired and looking for something to fill their days and seek some purpose and connection or simply feeling isolated and lonely. This drove her to take her passion to the next level and leave her corporate job behind and venture into a hiking business instead where work becomes play whilst also contributing to the community.

Karishma’s background is in marketing and she loves being creative and passionate with her hikes to bring you most unique hiking experiences. She has two young daughters who are also very outdoorsy and who love hiking and the outdoors just as much. You might most likely meet them on one of the kid friendly hikes! Karishma strongly believes that kids these days need time in nature and the great outdoors even more than ever and introducing them to nature can be a life changing experience that can pioneer a love of the outdoors that will stick with them forever.


Pull on those hiking boots, take a wander and discover the wilderness, white sands and wholesome tranquility that lies at your fingertips in Sydney’s spectacular backyard.