□ Adequate size backpack
□ Sunscreen
□ Insect repellent
□ Hand sanitiser
□ Disinfectant wipes
□  Small rubbish bag (for rubbish)
□ Mobile or camera (optional)


□ T-Shirt
□ Shorts/Pants
□ Fleece jacket
□ Hiking sock
□ Hiking boots or Walking Shoes – non-slip and thick sole
□ Sun hat


□ Cold Lunch
□ Snacks x2
□ 1-2 litres of water


□ Beanie
□ Pack rain cover
□ Rain jacket or poncho

FIRST-AID KIT (guide carries full first aid kit but its always advisable to carry your personal first aid kit if possible)

□ Ibuprofen
□ Paracetamol
□ Small bandage x 2
□ 4 in 1 cream (bites, scratches, swelling, pain) 
□ Band-Aids (though they fall off easily)
□ Any personal medical requirements:

In case, you are doing a day hike with kids, these are the some additions

□ Additional snacks

Admittedly, this is usually the heaviest portion of packs when hiking with kids (besides water), but a very important element that we do not recommend skimping on. Some suggestions for go-to snacks on a soulful hike include Dried fruit bars, fruit snacks, Easy to peel oranges, sandwiches, Granola bars or protein bars, Cheese sticks, Special treats for bribes like – gummy bears, Skittles, or lollipops, Loaded trail mix with nuts and chocolate


□ Extra water

Water is life! Be sure to bring plenty of water when hiking with kids as dehydration can be serious and water helps to maintain everyone’s energy levels. 

□ Wet wipes

These come in handy for trailside potty breaks, as well as for cleaning up peanut butter and jelly hands and faces.

□ Tissues

A small pack of tissues is light and takes no space, so worth bringing for trailside sniffles or noses.



Pull on those hiking boots, take a wander and discover the wilderness, white sands and wholesome tranquility that lies at your fingertips in Sydney’s spectacular backyard.