Responsible Hiking

We share a deep commitment to maintaining the integrity of Sydney’s wilderness. Environmental values filter through every aspect of Soulful Hikes. Our Leave No Trace policies are in place to ensure destinations retain their natural character and cultural diversity. Our passion for Sydney’s beauty is at the core of our values and minimal impact practices are at the heart of every soulful hike we offer. When you book a soulful hike, you are supporting true sustainability, helping to protect and preserve Sydney’s natural environment for future generations to enjoy!

Cater to hikers of all abilities

Most of hiking companies out there offer only long hikes of 3-6 hours, which means they are targeting the already fit crowd. We realize that you have to start somewhere and there is a huge market which wants to go hiking, however they don’t have fitness or the time or even inclination to do the long challenging hikes. We cater to diverse audiences by incorporating easy to moderate hikes ranging from 2 hours to 3 hours. Hence, they are also perfect for beginners, busy mums, professionals, singles who are trying to improve their fitness levels, or explore Sydney or want to socialize and make some great friends!  Additionally, we also adjust the pace of our hikes depending on group fitness levels and we also take regular breaks to allow rest time and time to click your photos and selfies! A lot of our soulful hikes are in urban Sydney which makes them more easily accessible to all.

Private hikes & Flexibility

  We can create unique experiences for everyone. We can tailor itineraries for kids, families, corporate groups or just a private group of friends. Our customised private hikes offer the same personalised service and exceptional value.  Contact us to start discussing your soulful hike, budget, group size and any other special request you may have.

Unique experiences

All of our Soulful Hikes are well thought out. We aim to provide soulful hikers with ample opportunities to experience Sydney’s beauty by offering them unique experiences from coastal hikes, bush hikes, yoga and mediation on the beach, glamourous picnics by stunning locations and hiking combined with various interests and passion!

Experienced and passionate Guides

 Your guide is first aid qualified plus has a huge passion for Sydney’s stunning wilderness. There’s nothing quite like experiencing a new destination with an expert guide who is enthusiastic, informed and thrives on taking soulful hikers on a unique experience.

Meals and Food

We are fully aware of the healthy appetites that build up on a soulful hike and provide varied meals with plenty of fresh ingredients. You can no doubt expect delicious, wholesome, hearty & nutritious food when you are on a soulful hike. Your health is our highest priority and we ensure the highest standards of hygiene and quality. Also, we can cater for vegetarians and most dietary requirements, provided you let us know your preferences in advance. 

Positive impact

At Soulful Hikes, the word ‘impact’ means so much to us – it’s central to everything we do.

For example, we are keenly aware of the impact a soulful hike has on not only the soulful hiker who joins us but, quite significantly, on all those around them! We see that in the preparation and commitment before the soulful hike. And then we feel their happiness, joy and sense of achievement during the soulful hike and the elation when they return home and shares their stories with family, friends, and work colleagues. All of them are impacted in a positive way too.

We also impact the local communities we visit with our pledge to use local, family owned and operated businesses in the places we visit.  Additionally, we also impact the environment in a positive way by planting one tree in the world for every soulful hike we host.

And to us ‘impact’ really means making a positive difference in people’s lives every day. We like to make a positive impact on their physical and mental health and help soulful hikers find their tribe by feeling connected to the community.


Pull on those hiking boots, take a wander and discover the wilderness, white sands and wholesome tranquility that lies at your fingertips in Sydney’s spectacular backyard.